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December is National Tie Month!

The necktie, which is basically a long piece of cloth tied in a knot, is a snazzy fashion invention that dates back to the 17th century with the neckerchief. The necktie has developed into different variations over the years, meshing or clashing with the changing fashion eras (i.e. the clip-on, bow tie, skinny tie, novelty ties, silk ties, and ties for women). Primarily, the necktie had been a professional staple in men’s wardrobe for obeying a strict dress code but the accessory has developed throughout many fashion creations (the necktie skirt), tie trends like ties worn with casual wear, and terrible fads like females sporting the necktie with obscenely short skirts (such an fashion eye-sore!)

National Tie Month is definitely a good time to let your best tie be seen!

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