Elephant Butte Inn and Spa

Kingston, Sierra County, NM...Pt. 2

Today only a few original buildings remain--Percha Bank, the assay office and the stone Victorio Hotel (now private residences). The rock walls of the Black Range Lodge B&B were built in the 1930s of stones gathered from tumbled-down ruins of Pretty Sam's Casino and Monarch Saloon. This photo is of the Percha Bank Museum lobby which was built in 1884 on the main street of K...ingston. In 1890 it was the biggest bank in New Mexico. After the 1893 silver panic the bank moved to Hillsboro. The building served as Kingston's post office until it closed in 1957. Today, this stately stone building is the only fully-intact original structure in town, with its ornate lobby, teller windows and the original historic bank vault. The Percha Bank is free and open to the public. It is currently a museum and gallery.

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