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NM Centennial - Weathering the Storm Pt. 2

Hatch Flood of 2006:  In August 2006 heavy rains breached an arroyo north of Hatch.  More than 3 inches of rain fell in less than three hours on the already saturated Hatch Valley in southern New Mexico, forcing evacuations as far south as Rincon and closing all roads into Hatch.  Water was reported to be chest high.
About a week later, the arroyo overflowed again.
About 400 homes were affected by the flooding, according to new reports, and many farmers were not able to harvest their late summer chile crops because their fields were too muddy.  About half the year's crop was lost.
More "Weathering the Storm" later.
Thanks to "New Mexico, 100 Years of Statehood" published by the Albuquerque Journal for this information.

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