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Skin Care Line: AHA!

I've just discovered, thanks to the help of Debbie Niles, our Spa Manager, the greatest line of skin care products.  We've sold it in our Ivory Gift Store for awhile, I just had never tried it, even though a lot of women have been buying the product.  AHA! stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  I don't normally have too many problems with the skin on my face but it has been so hot and humid lately that my face was starting to look like a teenager's!! I have always been very lazy as far as treating my skin properly so I asked Debbie if we had anything that could help with my face (besides a fabulous hour long facial) and she pointed this line of product out to me.  She suggested that I try the Skin Cleanser, followed by the Skin Tonic followed by the Brillian Moisturizer.  This product smells amazing!  It is all organic and feels really light and fabulous on the face.  In just three days, my face glows....trust me, I am not a salesman and I would never try to sell something if I didn't truly believe in it but this stuff is great!  The skin tonic is also great as an aftershave for men. 

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