Elephant Butte Inn and Spa

Mineralogie Mineral Makeup

Did you know Debbie Niles, our Spa Manager, is a certified Mineralogie Mineral Makeup Consultant?  Mineralogie Mineral Makeup is inspired by the elements of nature.  The Beautiful Color pigments reflect light and bring a healthy, soft glow to the skin.  Mineralogie products are made with the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and are free of talc, starch, dye, perfume and boast an SPF 26.  The products are made with pure vitamins, no oil! It is the company's goal to be animal and earth friendly and to support environmental efforts; therefore, they do not test on animals.

This is the only mineral makeup thta is custom blended for your face.  Call Debbie today, 744-5431, and make an appointment for a personal make over with Mineralogie!

Lizzie the Beautiful Gecko cool


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