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I used to love fishing in McRae Canyon in Elephant Butte Lake when the water was a little higher.  Last week it occurred to me that this wasn't just a great fishing hole but a major bit of history for our area.  I wanted to learn more so I purchased the book "Images of America-Truth or Consequences" written by local historians Sherry Fletcher and Cindy Carpenter.  The book is full of great photos and can be purchased at the Geronimo Springs Museum.  In the introduction there is a mention that according to military records, soldiers from Fort McRae used to bathe in the hot springs in T or C even though they risked attacks from the Apaches in the area.  Evidently this Fort served a very important function as a military post in the New Mexico Territory.  In my next blog, I'll pursue research on why this Fort was so important and then what happened to it.  I've never been an historian although I do love history but now I find it fascinating that there is a wealth of historical information right outside my front door...I'm fortunate to live on Hot Springs Landing.

I'd really like to get your thoughts on the subjects I discuss as the blog progresses...there are a lot of you out there that I know have personal family history in our area and I'd love to share it with our readers.  cool

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