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Sierra County: A Great Place to Visit

Posted August 28, 2012

Hot Springs Historic District: 

There are currently 10 bathhouses in downtown T or C, each one unique!  Most are restored in a quaint colorful style.  Some offer tiled tubs which are refilled for each bath, others have natural pebble-bottom pools through which the hot mineral water constantly flows.  Try them and find your favorite!!  For info on all ten, go to: http://www.sierracountynewmexico.info/truth-or-consequences-hot-springs/...

Sierra County: A Great Place to Visit

Posted August 27, 2012

Veterans Memorial Park & Museum. Located at 996 S. Broadway, next to NM State Veterans' Home...open daily..free.

You could spend a full day in this great museum. The focal point is a circular grouping of 9 flags. The U.S. flag stands in the center with the NM flag and flags representing each of the U.S. armed forces encircling it. Here is the link to their website: http://torcveteransmemorial.com/

Sierra County: A great place to visit

Posted August 27, 2012

I want to start something new on our Blog. I am going to tell you about all the great places and businesses in Sierra County and what makes this area thrive. I hope to get your comments and thoughts!!

An Interesting Fact about New Mexico

Posted August 26, 2012

The Rio Grande, New Mexico's longest river, runs through the entire length of the state.

Interesting Facts About New Mexico

Posted August 25, 2012

The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe is the oldest government building in the nation. The Spanish built it as part of a fortress during the winter of 1609-1610. In 1909, it was converted to the Palace of the Governors History Museum which houses exhibits on Spanish, Mexican, and American colonization dating back to the late 1500’s.

Travlin' Jack...We Love You!!

Posted August 9, 2012

What about those dogs on the road!  What to do when you have a dirty pooch in the car?  Well....I made one dog-DANDY discovery on a recent trip to Elephant Butte.   
We checked into the pet-friendly Elephant Butte Inn for our visit to the area....where I checked out the grounds up, down...and all around! PRETTY snazzy place!  Got  my vote for a great place to stay for sure!
One of my favorite things...this from my pup-spective!....A grand veranda that faced the lake...and lots of walking (and sitting too) areas for a dog to explore.  I do like that they put the rules up so that everyone can see what a dog's to do (and not too!). That way I can be sure to be a Great Ambassa-dog while I am visiting! Thanks Elephant Butte Inn!  We dogs appreciate your dog-hospitality! 
But back to the subject....clean dogs, right? Right!  This town is known for the fabulous Elephant Butte Lake State Park...where dogs can get pretty down and dirty with all the fun things to do in the water and on hikes in the area. But WHOA doggies....what does Elephant Butte RV Resort offer? (BTW they are right across the street from the Inn and a sister property for those RVin' dogs and peoples!) 
I heard through the bark-vine that they have something special over there!


bow this I gotta check out! 
So I got Nathan...grand Pooh-bah of the Inn (I think that's his title!) to take me in to check out this state-of-the-art pooch spa.  It's the Do-It-Yourself kind....pretty handy for RVers, Inn-visitors and even locals!  NICE!
So here it is...in full color...and suds too!  Nathan just dropped some coins into this machine...dialed away 7 different options for a shampoo...
...everything from your favorite scented shampoo to conditioner..why they even have SKUNK REMOVER for the poor pooch who encounters MR. STINKY on the trail! 
And then with the Magic Wand, Nathan gives me the 7-step clean up! 
Now this is a pretty snazzy Dog Wash.....I'm sure dog-pressed! 
Thanks Nathan.  Now if I'm a good dog during the shampoo, do I get a treat? 
You mean there's even a dog-treat station right in the Doggie Wash! 
Now THAT's what I call the whole kit-and-kaboodle...or the cat's meow....or somethin' like that!  Now I have seen it all!
So you see it's easy and important to keep a dog clean..whether he's at home
.....or on the road.
And with places like Groomingdale's Pet Spa at home...and Elephant Butte Inn on the road....this is one clean dog....why I'm SO clean...I'm ready to hit the runway for a style show

Till next time here's my dog-vice for the day!
Keep your pup clean and happy...and everyone will be a High-Stylin' Pup like me, Travelin Jack!




Ivory Tusk Restaurant Radio Ad

Posted August 8, 2012

Listen to our recent radio ad for the Ivory Tusk Restaurant and Tavern!

This Week's Fishing Report

Posted July 27, 2012


This Week’s Fishing Report

Elephant Butte Lake:

Fishing was good using crank baits, spinners, Flicker Shad, white and chrome Bombers, jerk baits and silver and gold Kastmasters for white bass. We received good reports from anglers fishing the Kettle Top and Long Point areas. Black bass fishing was slow but there were a few fish by anglers using top water lures, crank baits, swim baits, worms and salt craws.  Fishing was slow to fair using crank baits and spinner night crawler combinations for walleye. Fishing was good using worms, stink baits, chicken liver and shrimp for catfish. Mike Sistok along with Martin Testorff and his son Samuel of Roswell caught and released about 100 catfish just north of the Kettle Top area. They were using worms. We had no reports on other species. Surface temps on the main lake were mid to upper 70s and the water level is dropping. The Monticello and Dam Site boat ramps remain closed.

Caballo Lake:

Fishing was good using crank baits, curly tail grubs, sassy shad, and top water lures for white bass. Fishing was slow to fair using crank baits, minnows and bottom bouncer night crawler combination for walleye. Fishing was slow to fair using shrimp, stink bait and liver for catfish. We have no reports on other species.

Rio Grande River:

Water flow below Elephant Butte on Monday was 1,550 cubic feet per second. Fishing below Elephant Butte was slow to fair using small swim baits, grubs and sassy shad for a mixed bag of white bass and walleye. We had no reports from below Caballo.




Travelin' Jack is a Success!

Posted July 26, 2012

Travelin' Jack reported back to Trip Advisor about his stay in Elephant Butte Inn and activities at pet-friendly Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort...he's a hit!  More photos on our facebook!

Great Review from Travelin' Jack

Posted July 23, 2012


Albuquerque, New Mexico

17 reviews17 reviews

Reviews in 10 citiesReviews in 10 cities
11 helpful votes11 helpful votes
“INN-credible...that's how Travelin' Jack, Bulldog reporter rates this resort!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 17, 2012NEW

Travelin' Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter and Pet Travel Guru had his paw-socks knocked off at all the great pet-friendly attributes at this lakeside resort. Here are some of his favorite things about this hotel (and neighboring RV) resort:
1)Rooms are either lakeview or mountainview...with direct outdoor access to the lawn.
2)Spacious rooms with nice accoutrements.
3)Doggie Treat upon arrival (woo-hoo!) includes dog biscuits and potty pick-up bag
4) Lush green lawn, sandy beach area, walking paths surround the Inn.
5) Ivory Tusk Tavern (that serves great NM and American fare) has a pet-friendly outdoor patio.
6) Each room has porch area for enjoying the morning coffees, evening sunsets and chats with friendly tourist neighbors
7) Reasonable pet fees ($15 per stay for small pets, $20 for large pets)
8) Sister RV resort has (are you ready for this BIG PLUS?) a Self-Serve Dog Bath! The easy to use bath is available to all dogs, local and visiting, and is a handy state-of-the-art set up to make Fido (or in this case Travelin' Jack) spotless clean and oh-so-sweet to smell!
9) RV Resort also has smallish but nice partially shaded fenced off-leash park. There is a handy Dog Station nearby to make clean up easy.
10) Elephant Butte city has a walking/biking/dog trail directly in front of the inn. This nice walkway is paved, has shaded covered rest areas, and has Doggie stations AND WATER STATION. The water station is geared to tall people, short people...and DOGS!
11) The staff is very pet-friendly throughout the property...from welcoming Front Desk to Staff to housekeepers and grounds-keepers. The family owned pride in this property is evident. They go to great lengths to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for both people and pets!
12) Lobby area and even the Gift Shop are pet friendly.

Room Tip: Ask for a pet-friendly room. We prefer downstairs rooms.
photos pending



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