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NM Centennial - Shaped by Science, Pt. 2..The Atomic Bomb

Posted April 29, 2012

There is little doubt about the most important technology to emerge from New Mexico.  It appeared with a flash and a roar before dawn on July 16, 1945, on a stretch of south-central new Mexico desert.

The first atomic bomb was developed at Los Alamos as part of the Manhattan Project.  Two bombs built there were dropped on Japan in the finals days of World War II.

As the Cold War developed, nuclear weapons technology became one of the state's largest industries, with two major research centers...Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories..becoming economic anchors.

Next time...The Sled Track

Thanks to the publication "New Mexico 100 Years of Statehood" for this article.

Interesting Facts About New Mexico

Posted April 29, 2012

The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe is the oldest government building in the nation.  The Spanish built it as part of a fortress during the winter of 1609-1610. In 1909, it was converted to the Palace of the Governors History Museum which houses exhibits on Spanish, Mexican, and American colonization dating back to the late 1500’s.

What's Happenin' This Weekend

Posted April 29, 2012

Upcoming is another weekend with lots of fun going on:

5/4/2012 - 5/6/2012  63rd Annual Fiesta10am-10pm, Truth or Consequences-at-large.  Held annually since 1950, Truth or Consequences comes together to celebrate with a parade, rodeo, events, dances, tournaments, games and contests (like the popular junk boat race), and much more. Theme for 2012: 100 Years of Southwestern Hospitality.  Cost: free.Contact: Fiesta Planning Committee, Destiny Mitchell, 575-497-9480, info@torcfiesta.com.http://www.torcfiesta.com

5/4/2012 - 5/6/2012  Floralia 2012 Festival for the Goddess10am-9pm, Ancient Art Studios, 127 Calle del Norte, Monticello   Three days of workshops, performances and vendors, plus a dinner dance show with live music by Sadagah! Featured dancers will include Danitza, Leyla Najma, Katia, Latiffa Layali, Nyla Crystal, Rafi'ah Ruyah, Surreyya Hada, and more. The registration form is available as a download on the website. Contact Selena Kareena for more information. Contact: Ancient Arts Dance Studio, Selena Kareena, 575-743-2048, selenakareena@yahoo.com.http://www.selenakareena.com/floralia-festival/

5/4/2012 - 5/6/2012 Season Opener @ The Butte9 am, South Lakeshore Highlands, Elephant Butte Lake StatePark                                                                                                                           Archery tournament w/ different classes; Unlimited, Freestyle, Traditional, Limited, Barebow, Money class, Seniors, Boys & Girls High School, Youth. Contact organizer for further info. Cost: park fees + entry fee for tournament.Contact: Splintered Shaft Archery Club, Miche Tellez, 505-249-1208.http://newmexicoarchery.com

5/5/2012 - 5/6/2012  Truth or Consequences Fiesta Golf Tournament8:30am & 1:30pm, Truth or Consequences Municipal Golf Course, 685 Marie, T or C                                                                2-man team format, limited to 40 paid teams. Saturday: 1 Scramble No Handicap. Sunday: 2-man Best Ball, Full Handicap. All flights net, mixed teams and senior players welcome. Teams will be flighted by committee. Special favors and awards - special event on Friday at 6pm. Cost: $200 per team.Contact: Fiesta Committee, Howie Tucker, 575-894-2603, howieprodog@yahoo.com.http://www.torcfiesta.com/fiesta-golf-tournament

5/5/2012 - 5/6/2012  Jack & Jill/Joshua Slocum10am-5pm, Elephant Butte Lake Sailboat race/regatta. Please contact the sponsor for information.Contact: Rio Grande Yacht Club, Dick Alexander, 970-946-9118.

5/5/2012 - 5/6/2012 Bass Anglers' Open Fishing Tournament  safe light-3pm, Elephant Butte Lake  Please contact the sponsor for information.Contact: Elephant Butte Bass Anglers, Mike Kmatz, 575-744-9139.

5/5/2012 - 5/6/2012 Bass Tournament 6am-3pm, Elephant Butte Lake State Park/ Rock Canyon Contact Tournament Director for further info Cost: $5.00 day use fee.Contact: American Bass Anglers Div 60, Steven Higley.

5/6/2012 Laurie Heusinger LMT, NTS Booksigning 2:30pm, Black Cat Books and Coffee, 128 Broadway, Truth or Consequences                                                                                                                    Laurie Heusinger will be reading from, and signing copies of her new book, "Toggle It!: A Guide to Reboot Your Emotional System." Toggling is a process that teaches you how to access and change the internal mechanics of a negative emotion to a positive state, restoring clarity and peace of mind, with the goal of improving health, inspiration, and vitality. The results directly affect the experience of illnesses, stress and pain. The event is free; take a book home for $14.95. Contact: Black Cat Books & Coffee, Rhonda Brittan, 575-894-7070.


This Week's Fishing Report

Posted April 29, 2012

Elephant Butte Lake: Fishing is fair using crank baits, jerk baits and tubes for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.  Fishing is sporadic for white bass but anglers have managed to catch a few using minnows, crank baits, grubs and spinners.  The best reports are coming from anglers trolling the McRae Canyon area.  A few walleye have been caught by anglers using minnows, sassy shad and crank baits. Surface temps on the main lake range from 54 to 66 degrees.

Caballo Lake: Walleye fishing is good for anglers using worms, minnows, grubs, crank baits and sassy shad.  There are good reports from anglers fishing from the bank near KOA Point.  Fishing for catfish is good using worms, liver and stink baits.  Fishing for white bass is fair using crank baits, sassy shad and curly tail grubs.

Rio Grande River:  Water flow below Elephant Butte is 1,080cfs.  Fishing here and below Caballo is good using white, grubs, minnows and sassy shad for a mixed bag of white bass and walleye.  Fishing for catfish is fair using night crawlers, minnows and stink baits.

What's Happenin' This Weekend

Posted April 22, 2012

Another wonderful weekend on the way!  Here's what's happenin' in Sierra County:   Friday: April 27th.  2nd Annual Earth Day Program    9am-3pm, Paseo del Rio campground/Elephant Butte Lake State Park. Below EB Dam on State Road 51.......Friends of Elephant Butte Lake are sponsoring their second annual Earth Day Program. The mission of the program is to provide children with an opportunity to have an interactive experience learning about various subjects associated with the Earth. This year the City of EB is providing trees for the children to help plant and they will also learn about composting. Other programs will be owl pellet dissection, sun bleach painting, an interactive water supply demonstration from the Water and Soil Conservation Department and other fun activities. The programs are designed for children from kindergarten to seventh grade. All children are invited to attend. We only ask that they contact us (575-743-0124) and let us know they will be participating and bring a sack lunch. Earth Day Program is set for Friday, April 27 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Paseo del Rio. Cost: $5 day use fee.Contact: Friends of Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Kelly Cauffman, 575-743-0124, kelly.w.cauffman@gmail.com.

Friday, April 27:Booksigning: Walking Earth by Greg Sagemiller   Noon-2pm, Black Cat Books Coffee, 128 Broadway.  Greg Sagemiller will be reading from and signing copies of his thriller, Walking Earth, which draws on his archeological experience to craft a tale of espionage, murder and double-cross in southeastern Utah. Artifacts looted from a secret chamber behind an Anasazi cliff dwelling resemble the mystifying statues of Easter Island fame.Contact: Black Cat Books & Coffee, Rhonda Brittan, 575-894-7070.

Saturday and Sunday, 28th & 29th:  Kingston Centennial Celebration - "Reaching Across Time"10am-6pm, Main Street, Kingston, NMA Centennial Celebration and Heritage Music Festival. Known as the “Gem of the Black Range”, in the 1880s the silver mining boomtown of Kingston was home to 7000 miners, merchants and madams, attracting the famous and infamous, like Mark Twain, Lillian Russel and Butch Cassidy. Now it's a peaceful community along a spring-fed creek, surrounded by the Gila National Forest. To celebrate the NM Centennial, Kingston's Spit & Whittle Club will host a treasure hunt, a historic building tour, mine site tours, an art show, book signings and live music. Cost: home tour $10, otherwise free.Contact: Spit & Whittle Club of Kingston, NM, Barbara Lovell, 575-895-5501, egbdc4@aol.com.http://www.sierracountynewmexico.info/Visitor_Info/events.html

Monday, April 30:Centennial Committee Exhibit Hanging  Geronimo Springs Museum, 211 Main, Truth or Consequences.  This exhibit will be featured at the museum for the entire month of May.Contact: Geronimo Springs Museum, Marilyn Pope, 575-894-6600, info@geronimospringsmuseum.com.http://geronimospringsmuseum.com

This Week's Fishing Report

Posted April 20, 2012

Elephant Butte Lake: Fishing is slow-to-fair using sassy shad on 1/4 and 3/8 oz. jig heads, minnows, crank baits and spinners for white bass.  Fishing for Walleye is slow but a few have been taken on sassy shad and crank baits.  Fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass is slow with a few taken on sassy shad, crank baits and jerk baits.  No reports on other species.  Surface temps on the main lake range from
52 - 62 degrees.
Caballo Lake: Walleye fishing is slow-to-fair using minnows, grubs, crank baits and bottom bouncer/night crawler rigs.  Fishing for white bass is fair using grubs, crank baits and minnows.  Fishing is fair-to-good using stink baits, worms and chicken liver for catfish.  The water is murky.
Rio Grande River: Water flow below Elephant Butte is 1,120 cfs.  Fishing is fair using white grubs for Walleye.  Fishing is fair using worms for trout.  Water is also being released from Caballo Lake downstream at  the rate of 1,100 cfs.  Fishing below Caballo and at Percha Dam is fair using sassy shad, curly tail grubs and minnows for white bass and Walleye.  Fishing for catfish is fair using minnows and stink baits.

Thanks to the Sentinel for this information.

New Bumper Stickers!!

Posted April 16, 2012

Be sure to stop in at the Front Desk or in the Tavern to get our new Elephant Butte Lake Bumper Sticker...they're only $1.00 each and have the cutest elephant on them you've ever seen!! cool

This Week's Lunch and Dinner Specials...

Posted April 16, 2012

These specials are in effect through April 28th

MondayLunch--Fried catfish with hushpuppies; comes with tartar sauce, cottage fries, coleslaw and lemon.  Dinner--Beef spare ribs with corn on the cob & fries.

Tuesday: Lunch--Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Pita with Swiss Cheese.  Dinner: Blackened Bone-in oz. pork chop topped with a mushroom pork gravy.  Comes with potato or rice with vegetable.  Soup or Salad.

Wednesday: Lunch--Shredded Prime Rib Enchiladas ..layered between red or green Chile with jack and cheddar cheeses, rice & beans.  Dinner--  Layered lasagna noodles with chorizo sausage, green Chile Alfredo sauce, jack & cheddar cheeses.  Soup or Salad.

ThursdayLunch--Shredded Beef Quesadilla.  Comes with guacamole, sour cream and salsa.  Dinner:  Flame broiled 16 oz. T-Bone served with three fried shrimp with potato or rice, vegetable, soup or salad.

Friday: Lunch--  BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich--chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese with lettuce, tomato, onions and your choice of side.  Dinner:  Seared yellow fin tuna topped with teriyaki sauce served over vegetables and rice.  Soup or Salad.

Saturday: Lunch--Green Chile Bacon Ham Melt..grilled ham, bacon, green Chile and jack cheese on sourdough bread.  Dinner:  Our World Famous 12 oz.  Prime Rib Dinner

SundayBrunch-- Our world famous buffet...Dinner: Chef's Choice

NM Centennial - Shaped by Science, Pt. 1

Posted April 16, 2012

Technology shapes the human story, and its role is apparent not only recently but also across the span of New Mexico history.

The farming techniques used by Native Americans shaped where and how communities could survive.  The Spanish, who adopted some of those techniques and brought irrigation technologies, changed the landscape.  And then the railroad arrived in the 19th century.

The history of New Mexico since statehood has been marked by a different sort of technological core, as the U.S. military-industrial complex made its mark, along with big federally funded science that made the state what it is today.  Next time:  The Atomic Bomb

Thanks to The Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico: 100 years of Statehood for this article.

This Week's Fishing Report

Posted April 14, 2012

Elephant Butte Lake: Fishing is good using grubs, minnows, crank baits, spinners and jerk baits for white bass. The best reports come from anglers fishing in the McRae Canyon area, the east end of Long Point and near the Black Bluffs. Fishing is fair using minnows and jigs for crappie. Fishing is fair using jerk baits, crank baits and spinner baits in less than 10 feet of water for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Fishing is fair-to-good using chicken liver and stink bait for catfish. No reports on other species. Surface temps on the main lake range from high 50s to mid 60s.

Caballo Lake:Walleye fishing is good using crank baits, minnows, jerk baits and bottom bouncer/night crawler rigs. Fishing for white bass is good using grubs, crank baits and minnows. Fishing was fair-to-good using dough bait, worms and chicken liver for catfish. This water is murky.

Rio Grande River: Water flow below Elephant Butte is 1,110 cfs. Fishing is fair using white grubs for walleye and a few white bass. Fishing is fair using worms for trout. Water is also being released from Caballo Lake downstream at the rate of 1,400 cfs.


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