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NM Centennial -It's All About the Water

Posted January 7, 2012

In an arid state, harnessing water from mountain snow melt and springs has always been critical to sustaining agricultural production,

The Bureau of Reclamation's construction of Elephant Butte Dam, rising 301 feet tall and nearly 1,700 feet wide, between 1911 and 1916, created the largest irrigation reservoir in the world at that time.  By creating a vast lake, the project also produced New Mexico's most popular state park.

The project was aimed at taming the unpredictable flooding of the Rio Grande, to ensure the regular supply of irrigation water and to consolidate small privately built irrigation systems in the Rincon and Mesilla Valleys.

The amount of irrigated acreage in Southern New Mexico tripled to more than 100,000 acres, according to the Bureau of Reclamation.

More next week...this information was supplied by the Albuquerque Journal's "New Mexico, 100 years of Statehood" special Centennial edition.

Today, Sierra County celebrated with a "Walk Across the Dam"...this has not been allowed since the 9/11 tragedies.

Centennial Day for New Mexico

Posted January 6, 2012

New Mexico History Museum Shares '47 Stars'

The Flag Act of 1818 set forth a rule that no new stars could be added to the flag until the Fourth of July immediately following a state’s admission to the union. Thanks to that mandate, New Mexicans hoping to share their pride at becoming the 47th state were essentially forced into committing their first illegal acts as U.S. citizens, since the 48th star – Arizona – sabotaged the timeline.

From January 6, 2012 through November 25, 2012, the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe commemorates that dip into the dark side with “47 Stars,” an exhibit of the officially unofficial 47-star flag. “47 Stars” joins a collection of long-term exhibits commemorating statehood.

In addition, the museum’s front window will be festooned with bunting and the archival image of a statehood parade car will be turned into a cutout that visitors can pose behind for Centennial souvenir photos.

The museum’s Brainpower and Brown Bags lunchtime lecture series will also be dedicated to statehood topics throughout the centennial year.

Contact Kate Nelson, (505) 476-5200, kate.nelson@state.nm.us,
or http://media.museumofnewmexico.org/events.php?action=detail&eventID=1144

Sailboat Parade this Saturday

Posted January 5, 2012

Rio Grande Yacht Club
January 7
NM 100th Birthday Sail

Boats will gather shortly before the start of the Official Events at 11am. Sailboat Parade will be viewable from shore and from Dam Site.  This is in conjunction with the Walk Across the Dam described below.

Historic Walk Across the Dam

Posted January 4, 2012

Walk Across Elephant Butte Dam
Sierra County: Spirit of the Past–Eye on the Future
Official Event of the New Mexico Centennial
Saturday, January 7, 2012
Begins at 11:00am

Construction of the Elephant Butte Dam commenced in 1911 and was completed in 1916. The dam has been closed to traffic since 9/11/01.

Special arrangements will allow visitors to walk the dam this one day ONLY from 11-3. The celebration begins at the Dam Site. A flag ceremony, speeches, music, food, video interviews, historic photos, brochures and books will be on display at Dam Site restaurant/parking area. Vans will take visitors from the Dam Site recreation area to the dam overlook and will return visitors to the restaurant for an optional $10 buffet lunch.

Dam Site Recreation Area
Elephant Butte Lake State Park; Highway 51 entrance.
No State Park Fees & Free Parking with free shuttle service from parking area to event
Event cost: Free | Optional Buffet lunch at the Dam Site Restaurant $10, served from noon till 3pm

More Info: Sherry Fletcher, (575) 430-3494
New Mexico Centennial Website

New Year's Eve and the Morning After!

Posted January 1, 2012

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos from New Year's Eve and the Morning After.

"Me and My Baby" at the Ivory Tusk Inn

Posted January 1, 2012

"Me and My Baby" are full-time traveling musicians.

After producing their new "Smokin Oldies" CD at Fox Run Studio in Newberry, Florida, this summer, they headed west to winter in T or C. (click on http://fordrinksandtips.com/recordings/ to check out some of the singles on the CD).

This dynamic duo from Kansas can draw from a set list of 140 songs, to tailor their show to the musical tastes of the audience.

Friday Night...January 6th...7pm!

Walk Across Elephant Butte Dam

Posted January 1, 2012

Walk Across Elephant Butte Dam
11am-3pm, Dam Site Recreation Area, Elephant Butte Lake State Park

The Sierra County New Mexico Statehood Centennial Celebration Committee (a part of the non-profit corporation Campo Espinoso) is hosting a special (and potentially one-time) event celebrating Elephant Butte Dam. The roadway at the top of the dam will be open to the public (for foot traffic only) for the first time since 9/11.

Historic photographs and video interviews of Sierra County pioneers will be displayed at the Dam Site, as well as a 47-star flag sewn by the Winter Quilters of Sierra County. The American Legion Post 44 and the Jr. ROTC will perform a flag ceremony and honor guard, and the HSHS band and chorus will perform "Oh, Fair New Mexico."  The Dam Site Resort will reopen for the day and present a special lunch buffet costing $10; entrance to the roadway is free. Meet at the Dam Site Recreation Area off route 51 for a free shuttle to the dam. Contact: Harriette Bolling, 575-744-4761, chipshot@valornet.com.

Healthy Weight Month

Posted January 1, 2012

The Ivory Tusk Restaurant features This Week's Healthy Plate Special:

Balsamic-Honey Shrimp Salad

Steamed shrimp tossed in honey-balsamic sauce with green leaf and fresh spinach, cool cucumbers, tangy orange slices, juicy tomatoes and sweet Bermuda onion.

This special runs Monday, January 2 through Saturday, January 7, 2012


Weekend of Lights

Posted December 11, 2011

Check out our Facebook page for an album on the weekend of lights including winners!!

New Year's Eve at the Inn

Posted December 9, 2011


New Year's Eve Specials

 Package #1

4-Course Dinner for Two  (click on attachment for menu)

Champagne Toast

Hotel Room for the Evening

Midnight Snacks

Music with DJ

All for $100.00...does not include tax & gratuity


Package #2

4-Course Dinner for Two

Champagne Toast

Hotel Room for the Evening

Midnight Snacks

Music with DJ

2 -One Hour Massages...can use anytime

All for $200.00...does not include tax & gratuity

 Both packages require reservations...call the Front Desk 744-5431

Guests can come for dinner...they can order off the menu on the back or off of the regular menu.

Guests who come to party only: Champagne for 2...$20.00

 We will have party favors





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