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Posted July 27, 2011

Join us at the Elephant Butte Inn & Spa and celebrate in style.  Our full service three or four course banquet menus and buffet style appetizer menus allow you to create a special dining experience for your guests.  We also offer a full bar and a beautiful wine list to compliment your menu selection. yes

This weekend at the Damsite:

Posted July 26, 2011

7/30/2011  The Dam Car Show12 - 3PM, The Dam Site Restaurant , 77B Engle star Route, Elephant ButteMusic, Food and Cars what more do you need? Bring your car and see if you have got what it takes! Registration forms for car show participants can be found at Dam Site Marina, Rock Canyon Marina and Marina Del Sur, or contact us via email for forms. Cost: free.Contact: Dam Site Resort , David McNary, 575-894-2041, mcn05003@gmail.com.

Skin Care Line: AHA!

Posted July 15, 2011

I've just discovered, thanks to the help of Debbie Niles, our Spa Manager, the greatest line of skin care products.  We've sold it in our Ivory Gift Store for awhile, I just had never tried it, even though a lot of women have been buying the product.  AHA! stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  I don't normally have too many problems with the skin on my face but it has been so hot and humid lately that my face was starting to look like a teenager's!! I have always been very lazy as far as treating my skin properly so I asked Debbie if we had anything that could help with my face (besides a fabulous hour long facial) and she pointed this line of product out to me.  She suggested that I try the Skin Cleanser, followed by the Skin Tonic followed by the Brillian Moisturizer.  This product smells amazing!  It is all organic and feels really light and fabulous on the face.  In just three days, my face glows....trust me, I am not a salesman and I would never try to sell something if I didn't truly believe in it but this stuff is great!  The skin tonic is also great as an aftershave for men. 

A New Blog: Fort McRae

Posted July 14, 2011

Fort McRae served travelers along the dangerous Jornada del Muerto for 13 years.  The Post was the only protection from the Apache who frequently would try to raid the Fort.  "Jornada del Muerto" means 'Journey of the Dead'...this road ran from Dona Ana and extended over the country adjacent to the San  Diego, Caballo and Fra Cristobal Mountains.  Everyone feared any journey over this road.

For many years, Fort McRae was the final resting place of Corporal Frank Bratling, a recipient of the Congressional Medal  of Honor.  Corporal Bratling was tracking Indians who had stolen livestock from a local ranch.  As he was kneeling to take aim, he was shot through the heart and died instantly.  The Corporal was pronounced dead, July 14, 1873 and was buried at the Post that day.  Until 2001, it was presumed that his remains were still interred at the fort.  In November 2001 a document was identified in Washington D.C. that ordered the relocation of the Fort McRae cemetery to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  The order was signed by President Grant in 1886.  Bratling's Medal of Honor was one of only 18 earned in the Territory/State of New Mexico.

In addition to the importance of having had a Medal of Honor recipient buried at the site, the fort was also garrisoned by companies of African-American infantry (38th and 125th) and cavalry (9th).  The important efforts of these pioneer soldiers has become legendary, as they have come to be referred to as "Buffalo Soldiers".

My thanks for the above information from a thesis by Matthew A. Sterner and an essay taken from "Fort McRae", New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties, July 2002.

On this date....

Posted July 9, 2011

July 9, 1911....After unsuccessful negotiation with Victoria Land & Cattle Company, the U.S. Government condemned land for Elephant Butte Dam and Lake.

A New Blog

Posted July 5, 2011

I used to love fishing in McRae Canyon in Elephant Butte Lake when the water was a little higher.  Last week it occurred to me that this wasn't just a great fishing hole but a major bit of history for our area.  I wanted to learn more so I purchased the book "Images of America-Truth or Consequences" written by local historians Sherry Fletcher and Cindy Carpenter.  The book is full of great photos and can be purchased at the Geronimo Springs Museum.  In the introduction there is a mention that according to military records, soldiers from Fort McRae used to bathe in the hot springs in T or C even though they risked attacks from the Apaches in the area.  Evidently this Fort served a very important function as a military post in the New Mexico Territory.  In my next blog, I'll pursue research on why this Fort was so important and then what happened to it.  I've never been an historian although I do love history but now I find it fascinating that there is a wealth of historical information right outside my front door...I'm fortunate to live on Hot Springs Landing.

I'd really like to get your thoughts on the subjects I discuss as the blog progresses...there are a lot of you out there that I know have personal family history in our area and I'd love to share it with our readers.  cool

On this Date....

Posted July 5, 2011

On this date, July 5, 1945:  The resolution was adopted to make Hot Springs a City cool

On this date....

Posted July 1, 2011

On this date, July 1, 1964 Elephant Butte lake became a state park.

On this date, July 1, 1998 Elephant Butte was incorporated as a city!

What's Happenin' at the Inn

Posted June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Wow...can you believe this year is half way over? 
Time to start thinking about one of the biggest weekends in Elephant Butte:  the 4th of July!!  Saturday, July 2nd, we'll celebrate on the East Lawn from 6pm - 9pm...great food,tons of fun, games and prizes and foot stompin' live music.  Watching the fireworks over the lake from our lawn is spectacular!  No reservations are required...the restaurant and lounge will also be serving dinner.   You'll probably want to bring a comfortable chair. More information on details as we get closer to the 4th!

Our sister property across the street, Elephant Butte Lake RV Resort, is getting closer to opening...keep watching for new info...it's going to be an amazing Resort when it is all finished!

We hope this summer has been a safe one for you and your family...if you ever have a suggestion for something you'd like to see at the Inn, just drop me a note: liz@elephantbutteinn.com or reply to this blog!  We always like to get input on how to improve our services for our guests and customers.  cool


Annual Junior Open FishingTournament

Posted June 16, 2011

Time again for the Annual Junior Open Fishing Tournament this Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th from 6am - noon.  Youths grades K - 12 participate in this annual Father's Day event, includes a cookout after weigh-in Saturday.  Prizes are awarded after the tournament on Sunday.  Each contestant must furnish his or her own boat.  Sign-up by Friday afternoon the 18th.  The cost is $15 per entry.


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