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Doctor's Professional Foot Therapy...

...is a line of foot products formulated by Doctor Kenneth B. Rehm to help manage skin and nail problems common to the diabetic foot.  They have been clinically tested with patients at the Diabetic Foot and Wound Treatment Center in San Diego, California...Elephant Butte Spa carries this line in our Gift Shop.

We have the ToesEase Foot & Nail Cleanser (50 ready pads).  This formulation is specifically designed to loosen fungus, bacteria, and debris from the skin and nails so they can be cleaned more efficiently.  ToesEase also soothes and softens the skin, nails, and cuticles for more effective skin and nail management and safer, easier trimming of the toenails.  Key ingredients include Tea Tree Oil, Garlic Extract and Oil of Oregano.

We have the ToeSoak Foot Shampoo which is a wonderful addition to the diabetic foot care regime.  This soothing, relaxing and cleansing formula may be used as a foot soak or in the bath or shower to aid in cleansing and exfoliating dry skin.  Great for those who can't reach their feet...the Key ingreadients include: Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate, Tea Tree Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Oil of oregano and Garlic Extract.

An excellent companion to these products would be SheaTerra for Dry Skin.  This product includes time tested ingredients for relief of extremely dry skin....100% natural.

We also have Dr. Rehm's Original Foot Log which is designed for simple use.  Sit down, relax, and roll the foot log back and forth under your feet.  Try it both barefoot and with stockings:  you will notice different sensations.  This includes a 64 page book on Foot Pain. 

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