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Hiking in Sierra County

Choose from a multitude of hiking trails and landscapes throughout the county.  Wide open spaces offer unlimited hiking experiences ranging from short nature trails at the 3 state parks to day-long hikes along mountain ridges.  One of the most well-known trails is the ascent to the top of Turtleback Mountain.  The difficulty level ranges from moderate to difficult.  The trail climbs to the ridge and continues all the way to the tip top of the mountain.  The view is spectacular!  Round trip is 7 miles, 3 - 5 hours.   There are excellent trails in the Gila wilderness of the Black Range Mountains.  The Emory Pass trail runs along the ridge of the Black Range Mountains.  Park at the Emory Pass Vista and take the trail north or south.  Northward the trail leads to Hillsboro Peak at over 10,000 ft.  Views are absolutely breathtaking!!  Remember to take plenty of drinking water, snacks and adequate clothing and hiking gear.

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