Elephant Butte Inn and Spa

Guest Testimonials

My sister recommended we stay with you...great customer service!!

—Room 203

Great bedding!  We had a good night sleep.  Very pleasant experience.  I would recommend this hotel to my friends.

—Room 214

Thanks for free wi-fi!  Great soap, shampoo, etc.  Very satisfied iwth service.  The room was clean and comfortable.  The Gift Shop lady was very helpful.  Thanks for the extra towels!

—Room 201

This was our first time to stay with you.  We stayed on the lakeside: the view, the grass and gazebo are a nice touch...rooms are pretty.  Your service pleased us very much.  The room was clean and comfortable.  We plan on coming again with our grandchildren.  My sister-in-law who is in a wheelchair would like it here.  Thank you and God Bless You...the restaurant was great...great chef!

—Room 114

Renovation in the bathroom is great!!  Your efforts to keep the grounds immaculate and well manicured and modernization of bathrooms are much appreciated.  Room is clean and comfortable!

—Room 113

Your service pleased us; the room was clean and very comfortable.  Few hotels in this area have pools so this was a plus.  Location of Pet Grooming would be nice.  My maltese could use a bath..(note:  our RV Resort across the street has a Dogwash)..Thank you.

—Room 116

Great staff...clean rooms!  Would stay here again.  Thank you!

—Room 108

Loved everything!smiley  Great service, love the employees!  Happy environment...good food smiley  Very happy!  Very pleased!  Thank you for the GREAT experience!

—Room 120

The groundskeeper took time to answer questions.  His attitude and knowledge was a pleasant surprise.  We were encouraged to stay here based on past experience...good value for what you get.

—Room 110

Very good service in bar area...service pleased us and the room was clean and comfortable.

—Room 211


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