Elephant Butte Inn and Spa

Beach Bum Blonde

Be blonder with more lights (50 foil packets).

$65 touch up

Blonde Ambition

Yes, I am a blonde with blonder lights.


Brown Effects

Very dark hair colored to a beautiful non-brassy brown.

$50.00 touch up

Carmel Swirl

Carmel lights streaked across dark hair (40 foil packets).


Chocolate Delights

A brunette low light (40 foil packets).


I Colored the Whole Thing

Chemically dependent with color from scalp to ends.


Kissed by the Sun

25 foil packets strategically placed.


Lake Reflections

Choose any one of our high gloss demi permanent color to enhyance your color.


Lifeguard Blonde

A solid raw platinum blonde, every hair turns blonde.


$55.00 touch up

Long Locks

Long hair takes more time and product.

add $10.00 to service


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