Elephant Butte Inn & Spa - Elephant Butte, NM, 87935, USA

Ivory Salon Services

Color Treatments

Beach Bum Blonde:
Be blonder with more lights (50 foil packets)
$65.00 touch up

Blonde Ambition:
Yes, I am a blonde with blonder lights.

Brown Effects:
Very dark hair colored to a beautiful non-brassy brown.
$50.00 touch up

Carmel Swirl:
Carmel lights streaked acreoss dark hair (40 foil packets).

Chocolate Delights:
A brunette low light (40 foil packets).

I Colored the Whole Thing:
Chemically dependent with color from scalp to ends.

Kissed by the Sun:
25 foil packets strategically placed

Lake Reflections:
Choose any one of our high gloss demi permanent color to enhance your color

Lifeguard Blonde:
A solid raw platinum blonde, every hair turns blonde.
$55.00 touch up

Long Locks:
Long hair takes more time and product.
add $10.00 to service

Naturally Yours:
Back to your natural color in two steps.

Pile on the Color:
A multi color service
add $10.00 each color

Red Dawn:
Intense red light to dark hair (40 foil packets)

Sun Set Blonde:
Golden blonde lights mixed in with golden brown lights (50 foil packets).
$65.00 touch up

Super Shine:
A clear super shiny high gloss treatment service by itself or with a cut.
$10.00 with color service

Touched by Color:
Brunette, Red, or Blonde color on the new growth only.

Yes, I am a Blonde:
Your natural blonde lightened to a much lighter blonde.
$50.00 touch up

The Last Hurrah!!
The Last Hurrah!!...Does your tan look amazing? How come your hair doesn't look "kissed by the sun"? Aaaah...you need to call Annette to make the hair around your face shimmer with the same great look as your tan! This amazing look lightens your hair around your face with a few "kissed by the sun" highlights. This special is discounted $5.00 right now only if you call her and tell her you saw this special on our Website! Regular price is $40.00.

Condition and Strengthen Treatments

Smoothness and Rebalance:
Long lasting care and color protection for stressed, brittle hair.

Smoothness and Restoration:
Long lasting intensive care and color protection for severely damaged resistant coarse hair.

Strength and Care:
Long lasting vitality and suppleness with color protection for fine, stressed hair.

Strength and Rebalance:
Long lasting natural volume and color protection for fine, sensitive hair.

Strength and Restoration:
Long lasting strength and volume with color protection for fine, limp hair.

Haircuts and Styles

Whether you need something fresh and light for a day time business engagement or something more dramatic or exotic for evening events or a special occasion feel confident that you look your very best!

Brides Up Do
Ultra formal up do
Whether it is the bride or the entire bridal party, we'll give you the right look for your "once-in-a-lifetime" occassion!
Custom bridal packages available.
Our tranquil desert setting is perfect for your event.
$55.00 and up

Desiger Cuts
Shampoo cut and style
$35.00 Her
$20.00 Him
$15.00 Kids 15 and under

Night on the Town
A more formal style down

Smooth is Better
Hair is flat ironed
(Adds time to service)
$25.00 service alone
$10.00 with other service

Up Do
A formal style up
$45.00 and up

Waxing and Nails

Body Waxing
$10.00 - Eyebrows
$10.00 - Lips
$15.00 - Eyebrows and Lips
$20.00 - Under Arm
$30.00 and up - Bikini
$50.00 and up - Brazilian
$40.00 - Half Leg
$60.00 - Full Leg
$60.00 - Back

A classic manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle condition, exfoliation and moistening massage, sports buff or polish application.